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1. Agreement

1.1 Purpose of This Privacy Policy

Silent Bark Games Company Limited” shall provide this policy “Privacy Policy” to all users between Silent Bark Games and this policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect, use, disclose and/or process the personal data you have provided to us and/or possess about you, whether now or in the future, as well as to assist you in making an informed decision before providing us with any of your personal data. Regarding definitions, users able to refer definition part in this term of service for more information. If you have any inquiry about privacy policy please contact us for more information.

1.2 Other Agreement

User cannot use granted service against any other person’s privacy, including against any law, tradition or moral and user have to disclose true information for Company only.

2. Service Agreement

2.1 Accepting Agreement and Complete and Agreement

If users do not consent to the processing of your personal data as decried in Silent Bark Games privacy policy, please do not accept our service agreement and do not access our website or service. If you agree with our privacy policy, users able to register an account to access our service. However, Company will not allow users to install another third party program to play with the Silent Bark Games game, website, and service.

2.2 The subscription agreement and acknowledge.

Basic service request Online game users must fill in all the required information. Users of online gaming services will not receive legal rights and will not receive benefits from the company. If reporting false information, those who wish to apply for the service must comply with the following procedures.


  • Applicants for online game services must fill in their full name and surname as specified on their ID card.

  • Do not use the name and surname of other people. Do not falsify or randomize information in the application.

  • The information filled in the application form must be true only.

  • The user must ensure the confidentiality of your account provided by the company. Do not disclose the account in any way nor act in reliance on it.

  • If the information is incorrect, corrections can be made to reflect the truth. 

  • If the personal information used to apply is not true Will not receive legal rights and will not receive benefits from the company


3. Collection of Other Data

The company may collect data usage of users when installed program or application to access the game, website, or other Silent Bark Games service. The data that the company will collect are as follow:

  • Any other information about the user when the user signs up to use our Services, and when the user uses the Services, as well as information related to how the user uses our Services. Users may provide name, surname, mobile number, and Email.

  • Registration data and data usage, when user access game, website or other Silent Bark Games service and play game, purchase item and other activities that happen in-game or service, Company will collect those data for service improvement purpose.

  • The company will collect service data when users use the customer service system, we will collect chat and case for service improvement purposes.

  • We implement a variety of security measures and strive to ensure the security of your personal data on our systems. User personal data is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of employees who have special access rights to such systems.​


4. User’s Right

4.1 Users accept the right to use the Sites service as specified below. Silent Bark Games has a right to terminate any User who breaches any clause under these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to the User.

  • User must not share user’s information or other user’s information without an agreement from Company.

  • The user must not violate the law.

  • Users may request a refund under the rules of Google Play and Apple Store in case users did not use in-game items that purchased before. If Company found that users refund and already use in-game items, we will terminate the account without prior notice.


4.2 Information we receive from a Third-Party Application where you play our games or from your mobile device. To manage the information Silent Bark Games receives about you from a third-party application where you play our games, like Facebook, you will need to follow the instructions for the third-party application for updating your information and changing your privacy settings. The privacy management tools for applications on Facebook can be found here. To review and update information associated with your Silent Bark Games game profile in certain games, visit the "settings" page in that game. You also can manage some aspects of information collection and use by visiting the "settings" page of your mobile device and reviewing the permissions of each application or "app".

Once Silent Bark Games receives your information from a third-party application or your mobile device, that information is stored and used by Silent Bark Games in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You may access and update that information as described below.

  • Accessing and Updating Your Information Held by Silent Bark Games

  • If you want to review, delete, or change the information Silent Bark Games has about you or have additional questions, e-mail us at

  • Stopping Use of Your Information

    • If you no longer want Silent Bark Games to make active use of your information, you may send an e-mail to Place "Delete My Account" in the subject line and include your first name, last name, e-mail address and your social network ID for the social network from which you access our Services (if applicable) in the body of the e-mail (for example, your Facebook user ID). We will respond to your request within thirty days. Please note that certain records, for example, those relating to payments or customer service matters, will be held for legal and accounting purposes. If you have sent content through or posted content on the Service, we may not be able to delete it.

  • Opting Out of Geolocation

    • If you have previously allowed us to access your geolocation data, you can stop making geolocation available to us by visiting your mobile device's settings for the relevant application or the "settings" page for the relevant game.

  • Opting Out of Ongoing Collection of Information About Non-Silent Bark Games Apps You Have On Your Device

    • To the extent that one of our games is collecting information about non-Silent Bark Games apps you have on your device, the game will provide you with an option to stop making that information available to us in the "settings" page for the relevant game.

  • Opting Out of Cookie Tracking

    • You can set your web browser to warn you about attempts to place cookies on your computer or limit the type of cookies you allow. Flash cookies operate differently than browser cookies and cookie management tools available in a web browser may not remove flash cookies. To learn more about and manage flash cookies you can visit the Adobe website and make changes at the Global Privacy Settings Panel.

  • If you disable cookies, you may lose some of the features and functionality of our Services because Silent Bark Games cookies are necessary to track and enhance your game activities.


  • When you install our apps on your mobile device you can choose to receive push notifications, which are messages an app sends you on your mobile device even when the app is not on. You can turn off notifications by visiting your mobile device's "settings" page.


5. Service and Use of service

5.1 Service Time

Company service time is 10.00 am – 7.00 pm. unless it is necessary to close to improve system or service. In case there is an urgent to close system, we will make an announcement to users in advance by Silent Bark Games channels such as website, Fan page and etc.

5.2 Password

  • User has responsibility for user’s Account (ID) and Password by user’s own.

  • User cannot make change Account (ID) but able to change password except during service close.

  • The user must not disclose the user’s password to another person.

  • The company has a right to change, adjust the user’s password without prior notice.


6. Account ID and Password

6.1 Service usage restrictions

By using the Services, users accept the practices, requirements, and/or policies outlined in this Privacy Policy, and you hereby consent to us collecting, using, disclosing, and/or processing your personal data as described herein.

6.2 Account Termination

Silent Bark Games reserves the right to terminate any User’s Account ID without prior notice if the User does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

  • User cannot use granted service against any other person’s privacy, including against any law, tradition, or moral.

  • User cannot disturb, threaten, follow, block or trouble other User(s) including but not limited to cheating or taking advantage of other User(s) and/or Silent Bark Games in any way.

  • Users cannot spread advertisements, rumors, and chain letters that affect with Silent Bark Games service.

  • Users cannot provide hacking tools, viruses that affect with Silent Bark Games service.

  • Users cannot send or announce any message or other communication methods, which is illegal or inappropriate, including implicating politics, race, or religion, etc.

  • User cannot sell in-game items, Game Account for cash.

7. Definition

  • Account means Game Account, Game ID, Silent Bark Games of users to access website and game to Silent Bark Games service.

  • Device data mean the data that may be collected automatically from any device that uses or access the Silent Bark Games service. Device data may include all networks that connected with the device, Device name, IP address, browser data, and cookies of device and application data that installed on the device.

  • Silent Bark Games means Silent Bark Games Company Limited., subsidiaries, or affiliated companies. Some parts of term of service will use “Company” that depends on context.

  • Personal information means user’s information includes name, surname, mobile number, bank account, credit card number, Identification Number, date of birth, gender, and payment information.

  • The site and Website mean Website, application, a social media platform that officially by Silent Bark Games service and relates with this term of service.

  • Technical usage information means the data collected from a mobile device, computer, or another electronic device for access Silent Bark Games service. When users use Electronic services, or interact with us via our Games or Site or use our Services. This includes, without limitation, through cookies which we may deploy when you interact with our Games or Site; 

  • User means the person who uses or accesses the Silent Bark Games game, website, or service. The user agrees to accept the Terms and Conditions. If the User does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, the User does not have permission to use or access the game, website, or service of Silent Bark Games. 

8. Data Safety Section

  • We have information security and access policies that limit access to our systems and technology, and we protect data through the use of technological protection measures such as encryption.


9. Data Retention

  • We do not keep user data for longer than is necessary to fulfill the relevant purpose described above unless we are required or permitted to do so under law. If we retain your information beyond the retention periods we will store it separately from other types of personal information.

10. Children’s Privacy

  • In general, we bring our services to a general audience. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13 (or older, if applicable laws provide different protections) 

  • We may bring certain services to audiences of all ages. This includes children.For these services, we use age limitations that allow children to use the services while restricting the collection of personal information on the services from children,            or obtaining parental permission to collect personal information from children.

  • If we are aware that a child has provided personal information without a parent’s permission, we will promptly delete this information.

  • Please note that all persons under the age of majority are required in their respective jurisdictions to have a parent or guardian read and accept this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service on their behalf. 

  • We encourage parents to instruct their children to never give out their real names, addresses, or phone numbers without permission when using the Internet.



If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our other privacy policies or practices, please contact us via email or by writing to:


Silent Bark Games Company Limited

33, Soi Sukhumvit 44/1, Phra Khanong District, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand, 10110


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